Why is insulation important?

Why is insulation important?

Some people do not understand exactly what insulation has the ability to do for an attic space. Some attic have too much air going through them and they are very leaky. These types of leaks can affect the way that your house is being heated. It can also the way your house is being cooled. This can affect your heating and cooling bill in ways that you have never imagined, but why is insulation really such a huge issue? Does it really affect your bills enough to make huge a difference If your house is not properly insulated?

In the winter

In the winter time you are trying to keep your house as warm as possible, as cheaply as possible. You do not want all kinds of heat escaping your house. As everyone knows, heat rises, during the winter, the heat in your house rises to the attic area. If your attic area is not properly insulated then your heat will slowly escape. You won’t notice it, but your pockets will. Poorly insulated attics can cost hundreds of dollars a year in extra heating fees.

In the summer

In the summer time people are trying to keep their house cool. Normally there are air conditioners running in order to obtain the type of coldness that people are desiring in the heat. Heat rises to the attic, so the cooler the rest of the house the cooler the attic will be, unless it is leaking all kinds of air. If it is leaking air, the cool air will escape and you will have to turn your AC up just like you would have to turn your heat up in the winter. You may not notice it at first but as the summer moves on you might notice your electric bill becoming exceptionally high.

The downside of insulation

It is very important to make sure that you inspect your insulation every once in a while. This is simply because rodents love to get into the insulation and make a home for themselves. Your insulation will help to keep your house cool and warm, but it can also be inviting to rodents. The more often you clean and inspect your house, the better off you will be.

The best part is…

The best part of insulating your home is that you will use less resources. This means you will be better for the environment as you will not be using unnecessary electric and gas. The more resources that you are using up the more of a detriment you are to the Earth.

You should always make sure that your attic is full of insulation. It will help to keep the rest of your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It will help to reduce your bills and you will be less of a problem for the environment. Insulation is a very important aspect of keeping your home situated and at the temperature you like it.

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