How often should my attic be cleaned?

Attics are spaces that can be left unvisited for very longer periods of time. Everyone throws things in their attic spaces and just kind of ignores them. This can cause a lot of different issues. For one thing, small rodents and creatures like bats and birds will nest in your attic if they are given ample opportunity to do so. For another, spaces like attics are prone to weather and are very dusty most of the time. Things like dust build up can pose a fire hazard if you have electricity running through your attic at all. No one really thinks about it but there are certain times of year you should be cleaning out your attic. Keep in mind a full attic cleaning is far from a short attic inspection.

The fall months

During the fall, in most areas, rodents and small animals are normally running inside to get out of the weather. This is the time that animals will start storing their food and nesting down. Animals like birds that do not migrate and bats are also looking for places to nest during the colder winter months. Squirrels, chipmunks, mice and even the occasional raccoon have been known to end up nesting in someone’s attic. The end of fall and beginning of winter are the months that you really need to give your attic a really good cleaning. This means that you need to move boxes around, dust and sweep.

The spring months

Sometimes it is impossible to keep animals from sneaking into your attic completely. That is why you also need to perform a cleaning at the beginning of spring. You do not want to wait until the middle of spring, because by then the creatures will be moving around and well organized in their homes that they have made in your home. At the very beginning of spring, when it is still very cold and rainy is when you need to begin to clean the attic and get out all the dust and creatures. Again, this needs to be a full-scale cleaning. You need to rearrange boxes and sweep. Dust everything down and make sure that all nests are removed that may be present.

So, what are the months that I should be cleaning?

Basically, the months that you should be cleaning your attic are late October to the beginning of December, and late in March to the beginning of April. These are the months that it is cool but warm enough to clean these animals out without fear of them trying to weasel their ways back in.

So basically, every six months you should be cleaning your attic. Attics are spaces that can be left unvisited for very longer periods of time, and everyone throws things in their attic spaces and just kind of ignores them. This is not the thing to do. There have been people that haven’t cleaned their houses for years and have a number of crazy issues going on that they will never figure out. Don’t be these people, clean your attic.

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